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Learn a structured and disciplined way to create messages.

Feel more confident when discussing your ideas.  

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What customers said about Points on Paper


Wayne MacQueen, Leadership Coach

“The process really helps me clarify my thinking and get focused on what I’m actually wanting to communicate. I really find the brainstorming to be very effective for getting clear in my topic.”


Rebecca Tjahja, College Student

“Points on Paper is a different way to exercise the brain.”


David Williams, Customer Experience at AT&T

“Points on Paper is the greatest and simplest communication tool I’ve found to develop, shape, and master a speech or presentation.”

Your Brainstorm Guide

Here is a different way to think about what you're communicating. So many times we are faced with a blank page and do not know where to begin our thinking. Your Brainstorm Guide fixes this problem by giving you a structured and disciplined way to think and organize your thoughts.

Quit Facing a Blank Page
Use a Guided Brainstorm

Points on Paper asks you the same questions a communication consultant will ask you to find clarity. 


Skip the communication consultant. Brainstorm better with structure and discipline and find clarity on your own. 

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